Monday, December 23, 2013

evasi0n Jailbreak for iOS 7.x comes with pirated apps' store (in China)

If you're not to keen on letting Apple decide what you can or cannot do with your iPhone or iPad, you'll certainly love the freedom jailbreak provides. And if you're a iOS 7 user, you'll be pleased to know that an evasi0n's untetethered jailbreak for iOS 7 is finally available.

However there are some things that are causing some turmoil among the jailbreaking community. For starters, it seems to have been a rushed launch, due to some stolen code that was supposedly sold to a rival group that was about to charge for jailbreaking devices (the Cydia app isn't even the official one nor the latest version). But what's causing even more buzz is the fact that in chineses iOS devices, this jailbreak automatically installs an alternative app store app: TaiG.

And although this could be just another non-official app store specialized in chinese apps, the problem is that this app store provides lots of cracked and pirated apps. Something that doesn't look very good for the jailbreak community. Evasi0n has already stated that were not aware of this, and that their contract with them specifically stated that no pirated apps should be present in there - on the other hand, having received nearly 1 million for putting the TaiG there, it is also making some people reevaluate just how much this whole thing is worth nowadays... and that there is a lot more than simple "freeing the devices" for fun and just the fun/challenged of it.

In any case, if you're a jailbreak fan, you'll be pleased to know that you'll be able to have all your iOS 7.x devices jailbroken before Christmas.

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