Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Smarty Ring - Digital notification and remote control ring

It seems wearables are here to stay, whether you like it or not. Devices like smartglasses and smartwatches seem to be inevitable - even though they're still struggling to find the right "formula" to convince the public at large. But don't think for a moment that will be all. Are you still annoyed by about the prospect of going back to wearing a watch on your wrist - even if it's a smartwatch - after years of not wearing anything? Well... there might be a easier, and smaller, solution...

Check this Smarty Ring. It lets go of the bulky smartwatch dilemma and changes it to a much more manageable size: a ring size. After all, all we need is a way to check out notifications at a glance - not a secondary screen that tries to mimic what we already have in your smartphone right? Even so, it still has a small LED display that shows notifications (and time/timers), and it even has some remote control buttons so you can place/refuse calls, control media players, etc. It even acts as a tracker notifying you've left your smartphone behind (or alerting you in case someone stole it).

Its creators announce a 24h (minimum) battery life, and it's charged wirelessly. Considering it all, I don't think its $175 "founding" price to be exaggerated - though you can also consider one of the cheaper options with less features, starting at $50 for the tracker only version. Delivery is promised for April 2014.

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