Wednesday, December 11, 2013

MS to bring back start menu in next Windows

No, it's not a funny sketch coming from the minds of the genius Monty Phyton crew. Microsoft is simply showing that, ultimately, they too have to provide what the users want, and not what they think users should get.

Windows 8 came along with a revolutionary new interface (which I do like, believe me)... but seemingly forgetting that many of their millions of users still used (and use) legacy apps. Ditching them in a classic desktop with no start menu, something they so much pushed for over a decade, was a big no-no (and I just can't understand why no one at MS realized that). After much pressure, MS finally decided to bring back the Start Button - but it was nothing but a joke - what users really wanted was the Start Menu, not a simple and useless Start Button that just throws them back into Metro mode.

And once again... MS slowly begins to understand that: now it seems that the next windows will bring back a start menu on the classic desktop, a Windows that for now is only know by it's codename "Threshold" and that aims to provide a common ground among the different MS platforms (computers, Windows Phone, Xbox). The only problem is that it's still one year away - at least - so, it might be best to use alternatives to get your start menu on Windows 8.

... Like I said... I can't really understand why MS didn't do this in the first place, providing an easier transition for classic windows users, instead of causing a deep - and probably unfair - fear of Windows 8. Windows 8 should have been a Windows 7 with an extra Metro-touch-friendly interface as an option and not the other way around. They tried to push things too far too fast, and are now forced to back track, losing a couple extra years in the process.

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