Monday, January 27, 2014

Google patents free rides to advertisers

If you stop to consider the implications of what a future of autonomous driverless cars will bring to our society, you'll soon realize that the concept of having a private car could soon(ish) be relegated to something akin to having a horse today: something you have for fun or enjoyment but not because you have to. Google is aware of that, being one of the companies that is working to make that future a reality, and as such they're also aware of thing that will become common.

Google has been awarded a patent for free rides to advertisers locations. Meaning, instead of paying the standard fare, you might request a ride to a restaurant or shop that is offering you the ride there.

You can look at it as sponsored Taxi rides, although this makes more sense when taxis won't require drivers and autonomous car will be integrated under a "collective" brain that can predict and schedule all the requested rides in an entire city (or even country), and tell you exactly when you'll have a car picking you up and at what time you'll reach your destination. No more worries about traffic, or not knowing if you'll be somewhere on time, etc. etc.

Looking at it... our much loved navigation software will become obsolete (for personal use), and instead of things like Google Now reminding you it's time to leave to reach your next appointment on time, it will instead remind you your driverless cars has arrived to pick you up.

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