Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Google shows mini-games for Glass

Next time you see someone tilting their heads on the street, they might not be trying to shake some water off their ears, but simply playing the latest batch of Google's mini-games for Google Glass. These may not be the kind of games that will stop you from playing Crysis on your PC or game console - or even the ever growing number of games for your smartphone - but are simply a humble first step to promote future "wearable" games.

  • Tennis - Your head’s your racket in this rally. The gyroscope and accelerometer team up to precisely gauge the player’s head tilts to move left and right.
  • Balance - Finally, a way to find out how well you’d do at Swiss finishing school. Shift your head to keep a precarious pile of shapes from toppling over.
  • Clay Shooter - A classic shooting game with a new point of view. Say "Pull!" and a pigeon is launched in the direction you're looking. The accelerometer and some Newtonian physics help determine the pigeon's path.
  • Matcher - Put your memory and concentration to the test on a twist of a classic card-matching game. The gyroscope and accelerometer team up to precisely follow the position of the player’s head.
  • Shape Splitter - Have fun slicing and dicing shapes into oblivion. We detect "slices" when players move their hands in front of the Glass camera.

I don't quite expect someone to fork $1500 for a Google Glass due to these games - and that also makes me think why Google doesn't seem to be in a hurry to bring their Glass(es) to market. Until they're able to sell them for under $500, I wouldn't expect any Google Glass launch to have any kind of real success.

So... we'll have to keep waiting and see them play around with this sort of mini-games and apps until, some day, all the required elements will align, and a viable and affordable Google Glass can make it to the market and forever change the way we "look" at technology.

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