Friday, January 10, 2014

Qi Wireless Charger adapter for any smartphone

People keep asking me about wireless chargers, particularly those without compatible Qi wireless charging devices that wish to cut the last remaining cord that keeps them "tethered". Not everyone has a Nexus, Lumia, or other factory Qi compatible device. In some cases, you can get specific Qi adapters for your smartphone model - particularly in the case of high volume models like the Galaxy S - but if you can't find a suitable Qi back cover or Qi foil for your smartphone, there's one last way to do it.

What you'll need is something like this universal Qi adapter that you'll just need to plug into your smartphone micro USB port, and tuck away beneath your phone's back cover (if removable) or hidden behind a smartphone case to keep it from dangling away.
Sure, this means that you'll lose access to your micro USB port - and it won't be practical to plug it in/out constantly. But considering most people already do their data transfers and photo backups using WiFi, and syncing cloud services, that might not even be a real problem.

For me, having gone completely wireless - even for charging - has been a joy. No longer do I have to go through the daily routine of trying to plug the usb cable in the dark, figuring out it must be in the wrong orientation, trying again, figuring out that I was right the first time, etc. etc. Now I just leave it over the charging base and it's done!

I just wished the one's I'm using didn't do such a loud "beep" when it detects a device and starts charging - it's kind of annoying at night (guess I'll have to open them up and figure out a way to make it quieter.)

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