Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Solar Liberator - a solar panel anyone can use

Solar power is one of the most amazing clean energies around. I think no one can complain about having "free" energy coming down from the sky and just begging to be harvested. But while the thought of filling our rooftops with solar panels can be appealing, the reality of its implementation is often enough to scare us out of considering it. Thanks to the Solar Liberator project on Indiegogo those days might be over.

Having solar panels on a rooftop is just a small part of what a domestic solar installation requires. If you're relying on solar power you'll certainly like to be able to use it during the night or should some cloudy weather hide the Sun for a couple of hours. That means you'll need a battery bank, added components (charge controllers, etc.) with added installation costs.

With Solar Liberato, the solar panels are completely self contained, and all you have you to do is plug into a power socket and it's done! The difference being that instead of using up power, these panels will provide power to your home.

There are also smaller portable units (the home version is a large 500W panel) with 25W and 100W, that will allow you to charge and power your gadgets away from home. And yes, all versions include a inbuilt battery (50, 200, 1000Wh) that can be upgraded to four times that capacity with an external pack. In the smaller units you also get a wide range of ports and jacks, including USB (standard, mini and micro) and 9/12V jacks, as well as regular AC sockets.

Prices are $99 for the smaller 25W version, $239 for the 100W unit, and $799 for the home capable 500W you can connect directly to the power grid.

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