Monday, January 13, 2014

The Divison shows off its next-gen Snowdrop graphics engine

Just the other day we showed you ultra-realistics graphics coming to videogames and some of our readers were quick to point out that it doesn't matter how good things look if they don't "behave" realistically as you'd expect in real life. But I think things are definitely in the right track, as you look to games like Tom Clancy's The Division.

This game uses a graphic engine called Snowdrop, and it really begins to blur the lines between "videogame computer graphics" and "real-life video".

Besides all the usual stuff you can find in most graphic engines, this Snowdrop adds realistic particle systems that allow developers to create smoke (and fog, condensation, etc.) for added realism; as well as procedural destruction: meaning that if you shoot something, it will beak the thing where you shoot - instead of just triggering a preset damage sequence with no real relation to what you did

You can see all that and much more in action in the following video. And now for the bad news... we'll have to wait till 2015 to put our hands in this "The Division" game.

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