Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Torso - flexible USB cable that is also a smartphone stand

No one doubts how capable our smartphones have become in the past couple of years. But yet... they still rely on something we only notice when we need to keep our hands away from them: our hands holding them. Just you try and capture a short timelapse where you have to keep it absolutely still, or something as simple as taking a group photo without asking someone to take the shot for you. This Torso might seem a odd looking USB cable, but it will save you from holding your smartphone for these (and other) tasks.

Torso has already surpassed its objective in Kickstarter and should become a reality in the coming months. It''s secret is that it is made of a flexible material that you can shape according to your needs. Do you want to keep you smartphone steady so you can engage in a videocall without holding it by hand? Or maybe recording a time lapse video of that amazing sunset you're witnessing, or maybe even just keep your smartphone at an angle so you can watch a video.

The micro-USB version costs just $17 (you can also get iPhone versions for a bit more), and if all goes according to plan, you should have it in your hand by April.

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