Friday, February 28, 2014

Koding offers you an extra GB for easier online programming

I think everyone agreees that the most difficult step one faces when it decides to learn how to do some sort of computer programming is... deciding to actually do it. In the beginning, everything is scary and strange, and every excuse is more than enough to postpone that beginning indefinitely. Koding is an online development environment that takes cares of all that, and is currently offering up to 20GB for free.
Koding is an online development environment with the goal of simplifying worldwide development and providing free computation and development to everyone. It does this by offering Free VMs for development to anyone. The Koding VMs provide you with a real Ubuntu OS, with areal Terminal, and allow you to work on real code. Python,PHP, C++, C, it doesn’t matter. Even better, they are online. Accessible from anywhere in the world. Even sharable with teams.

So, you need no more excuses to postpone your coding. Thanks to this service, you have a dedicated machine for you to "mess around" and try whatever you want, without fearing it might break you actual physical computer - and you can do it from any browser in the world. It's also a very easy way for you to share and collaborate in teamwork (for instance, working on a coding project for school).

If it sounds good you can start with 4GB space in Koding instead of the usual 3GB, and you can get an extra 1GB for every friend you refer up to 20GB (this week only).

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