Saturday, March 1, 2014

Google's Ara modular smartphones to start at $50

I still can't quite wrap my hear around the fact that such a sci-fi sounding concept like a modular smartphone where you can easily swap in/out modules like batteries, sensors, cameras, etc. is about to become real - but Google's Ara is definitely coming, and they even have scheduled their first developer conference for April. And best of all, Google is working on making the base model affordable for everyone, with the base device starting at just $50.

There's still a long road ahead before the Ara modular smartphone becomes a reality, but Google is already thinking on how such a device can change the world. Instead of being a device you buy and keep for the next couple of years without changing anything, they envision compact kiosks that can be shipped anywhere and where people can head to add, change, replace their smartphone modules. Tired of the same looking phone? Just 3D print a custom made cover no one else in the world has. How about picking up a 50MP camera for the 2-week vacation you're about to get?

If the world embraces this concept, it might not take long for "static" monolithic smartphones to become a thing of the past. And if you dare to imagine the possibilities... how about imagining what we can do if you can swap modules not only between smartphones, but wearables, appliances, and all sorts of other devices?

... Really makes us think the "future is coming"! :)

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