Monday, March 3, 2014

iOS vulnerabilty allows any background app to be a potential keylogger

For years, the iOS was heavily criticized for not having multitasking, today we can criticize it once again because that very same feature allows any background app to be a potential - and undesirable - "keylogger" capable of monitoring and storing each and every touch you make and button you press.

When an app is running on foreground, one expects it to know whatever it is you're doing - otherwise it wouldn't "work". But once you press the home button and get back to the homescreen or open another app, you don't expect the background app to be able to spy on you though that's exactly what it can do. A malicious background app can still monitor where you press on the screen and which buttons you press (volume, home button, etc), and that turns it into a very nasty "keylogger" that can figure out what you type (passwords, messages, etc.) and more.

While Apple doesn't fix it, the only way to be safe is to ensure you have no running background apps, which you can do by double clicking the Home button and then flicking up every app thumbnail you see in the background app list.

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