Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Apple's Touch ID is beginning to wear down?

No matter how hard manufacturers try to make their new products as reliable as they can, customers buying the latest tech can't stop but feel like beta testers. And that's particularly noticeable when there are some drastic changes to a product or some new tech is introduced. Apple has already had their share of mishaps with the "antenna-gate" in the iPhone 4; and the Touch ID fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5S is something that might be heading in the same direction.

The Touch ID sensor was praised for being highly accurate and being "as it should be done" (instead of those swipable fingerprint sensors we find in other devices like the new Galaxy S5). But an increasing number of users is complaining their Touch ID is beginning to fail ever more frequently. And it looks to be serious, as Apple is working on an update to try and fix this issue.

The "problem" is that while the affected users say they can fix the problem by re-entering their fingerprints, the problems seems to return after a shorter period of time. If the problem was software (for instance, due to the long time adaptive learning the systems uses at each and every fingerprint scan), then reentering the fingerprints should provide at least 5 or 6 more months till the problem returns - like it did originally. But if it's coming sooner, then I suspect it moght have to do with degraded fingerprint readings from the TouchID sensor - in which case any software fix will only be a stop gap solution to try and prevent it from becoming a new "Touch ID-gate"!

If you have an iPhone 5S since launch, have you noticed any increasingly failed Touch ID readings lately?

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