Thursday, March 6, 2014

Arduboy is a card-sized Arduino micro-computer

It may sound crazy having a complete micro-computer in a card-sized format, but that's exactly what this Arduboy is all about: a computer you can place in your wallet, measuring just 1.6mm thick.

As you'd might imagine this Arduboy won't be breaking any speed records or compete with your Xbox or PlayStation. But on the other hand, try and put any of those inside your wallet. The Arduboy uses a Arduino, has capacitive touch buttons (layout is similar to a GameBoy, although the current chip isn't powerful enough to run a GB emulator - though a future version might), has a piezo-speaker, and a OLED monochrome screen. It's button battery is enough to keep it runnig for over 9h, though when it runs out, you'll need to solder a new one in place (guess a wireless charging super-capacitor could have done the trick here.

It's creator hopes to be able to sell a Arduboy kit for just $30 (you'll need to assemble it yourself), and I'm sure you'll be already thinking on something original to use it - from an original visit card to a password management system, or even try and replace the OLED screen with a low power eInk screen similar to Coin).

The Arduboy should popup on Kickstarter in the coming weeks, and I'm sure it won't take long to achieve it's goal.

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