Friday, March 7, 2014

Wello turns your smartphone into a pocket sized health lab

Fitness trackers are becoming increasingly common. And some (most?) of its users are beginning to ask for more. A new revolution is coming, and it may have a very profound impact in they way people relate with their own health.

The Star Trek tricorder has often been referred to as the perfect portable device, acting as a mobile lab and healing center. We may not be there (yet), but this Wello from Azoi shows us something that is real and heading to our smartphones in the coming months.

At a glance, you'd probably mistake it for a simple iPhone cover case, but a closer look might reveal some strange sensor pads on the side... and that's precisely the difference. You see, this Wello allows you to turn any smartphone into a portable health lab that can monitor and track several health parameters with "clinical accuracy" according to its creators: blood presure, oxygen levels, hear rate, ECG, temperature and more.

The Well is already up for pre-order and will be available in Europe in the Summer for 145€, while in the USA it's still waiting for FDA approval and expected to reach the stores by the end of the year.

This device won't replace a doctor, but it will certainly provide valuable data that will alert you when/if something goes wrong, and that will be helpful for diagnostic purposes as well as serve as an early warning system. Don't be surprised if a couple years from now this sort of thing will come as standard in every new smartphone or other wearable devices.

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