Thursday, March 13, 2014

Buy Titanfall for nearly half the official price

Well, I usually don't talk much about games here, but ever since I played the beta version of Titanfall that I've been "hooked" on it and eagerly awaiting its release. Xbox gamers have been playing for the last couple of days (and enduring the usual initial server issues), but for PC gamers... today's the day. We're just a few hours from launch - and this post is for all those that have yet to press the "buy" button for this game.

You see... on Origin (EA's online game store/platform) Titanfall costs about €60. That's the "usual" price for launch titles, but why pay more than you have to? With just a few clicks you can save nearly 50%!

The first place I checked was Amazon UK, where Titanfall is available for £33.85. That's about €40.59 and is already a nice price for a launch title. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't allow international customers to buy the digital version activation code for Origin - and I'm not to keen on waiting for a physical disc to arrive.

So, I checked Kinguin - a place I've already used in the past to buy several games for incredible cheap games, and I found Titanfall for just 32€ a few days ago (update: at the moment it's 35€... you'll have to check the current price for yourself). That's roughly half the price you're asked to pay on Origin itself!

If you find it suspicious for these stores to offer such great bargains on launch titles, I can simply say that my activation key was sent without delays, and that Titanfall is already preloaded on my computer (all 50GB of it!) Now the hard part begins... waiting till midnight, to be able to once again jump from wall to wall and summon those giant Titans to obliterate our enemies. :)

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