Friday, March 14, 2014

Sony combines dual-USB flash drive for PCs and smartphones

Do you remember when you had to lug around cases of floppy disks and CDs with your essential software and data? Probably not. Nowadays a single USB flash drive does the trick and it has become the most common device to transfer data around.

However, with the growing usage of mobile devices, the USB flash drive we so much love has now become nearly useless to transfer data between PCs and smartphones/tablets. That is... unless you use one of the curious dual-USB pen drives from Sony.

This "2-in-1" flash drive has both a regular USB connection as well as a micro USB plug hidden behind its cover. That means you can easily plug it into your PC; and then quickly detach it and connect it to your smarphone (using a File Manager app - or the one provided by Sony).

This USM-SA1 flash drive is available in 16 and 32GB versions and in different colors, and has a recommended price of €22 and €37 (in Europe).

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