Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Card Table turns your iPad into a virtual card table and deck

Card games are still one of the most popular and fun way to spend some time with friends. Now that smartphones and tablets have become common, there are countless card game apps you can use: poker, hearts, etc... but sometimes you want to play a card game that has no app. Well, you're in luck; The Card Table is an app that doesn't enforce any kind of rules. It simply provides a card deck that players can use to play whatever they want, just like they would do with a physical deck.

Your iPad becomes the card table, and you can have up to four iPhones acting as the "hands". The app allows you to easily transfer cards back and forth, and there is no limit to what kind of card games you'll be able to play. Something that reminds us just how much there's still to be done when it comes to multi-device game interaction.

Sure, it would be best if this Card Table allowed for Android and iOS interaction (right now, it's iOS only), but it's a start. Let's hope that in the future we'll see many more apps taking advantage of this type of multiplayer/multidevice interaction. For now, you can find The Card Table in the app store (for free).


  1. Hi there. Card Table maker here. Thanks for the write-up. We hope you have as much playing Card Table as we do.


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