Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cientists discover Gravitational Waves that prove Big Bang faster than light inflation

The scientific community is ecstatic; they've just detected and measured the theorized gravitational waves that prove the cosmic inflation that happened just after the Big Bang.

You've probably heard of Big Bang before, the big explosion that created the Universe. However, the Universe is a far stranger place than you'd might think and there were a few tidbits that didn't add up. For instance, the Universe is far larger than it should be - and light itself couldn't possibly travel from one side of the universe to the other even given the universe age. So, physicists like Alan Guth suggested that the Universe must have expanded at a faster than light speed in the instants after the Big Bang - the so called Cosmic Inflation. An event so powerful that would have send gravitational waves rippling across the Universe, and that even after 13.6 billion years, were now faintly detected by scientists.

This wasn't an announcement made lightly. The team that found these theoretical gravitational waves (first predicted by Einstein nearly 100 years ago) have know this for the past three years, but have remained silent, checking and double checking their findings and ruling out all other possible explanations to be really sure about their claims.

So... one more thing we seem to have gotten right about out Universe. We can scratch this one out, and we have just a million other questions to go... :)

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