Monday, March 31, 2014

Google will allow you rearrange apps in the Google Bar

When Google first moved their most used product shortcuts to a separate panel in the Google Bar, people didn't appreciate having to perform move their mouses around more and do an extra mouse click to get to thing they could previously reach with a single mouse click. However, one could say it was a more logical solution to present a growing number of services and products.

But if that was the case, you'd be frustrated to see that if you regularly use Google Translate, you have to do yet another mouse click after expanding the panel, even though there was enough space in there to have it. Or maybe you don't like the current services placement and would like to change it. Well... you'll soon be able to.

Google will soon allow you to customize what apps show up in the Google bar by simply dragging and dropping them into place. That means you'll no longer have to endure a panel that has none of the apps you want, and you'll be able to freely place the apps you actually use in there, saving you valuable extra clicks in the case of services like Google News and Google Alerts.

Now... all they need to do is get rid of the (very) annoying delay in the Google+ notification panel, that keeps you from quickly jumping into Google+ when you clear all notifications, because someone decided it would be a nice touch to add a delay of several seconds till the link actually shows up.

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