Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mom tries to teach her daughter the dangers of online photos - succeeds exceedingly well

When a Colorado mom uploaded a picture of her daughter to Facebook, holding a sign saying "Mom is trying to show me how many people can see a picture once it’s on the Internet" she had no clue just how true that would become. Kira Hudson shared the photo of her daughter Amia with her friends on Facebook... but things quickly got out of hand when it reached the "underground" site 4chan, and going viral.

Soon there were hundreds of phoshopped variations, will all sort of messages written on the sign (not all of them suitable for kids that age), and some even went as far as tracking down their address (an old one) and fake-ordering pizza to be delivered there - to dismay of the family currently living there.

One can say the lesson was successful, perhaps exceedingly well. But I wonder if this mom had any idea that she would be the one turning her daughter into a internet sensation - that even if it's quickly forgotten, won't stop her daughter photo from circling around the internet... forever.

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