Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Healbe GoBe tracks your calorie intake automatically

There's a reason why backups and other tasks should be left to automated systems. Humans are not to good at doing repetitive tasks, and that's why the current generation of fitness trackers are still not as good as we'd like. But that's about to change, thanks to trackers like this Healbe GoBe that popped up in Indiegogo.

Current generation trackers are great at telling us how many steps you walked and if you moved around in your sleep - but their apps require you to tell them what you eat, for breakfast, lunch and dinner (as well as snacks), and how many glasses of water you drank... every single day. That's something most people might do for a week, or even for a month... but inevitably they'll just stop doing it and forgetting about it.

This GoBe changes all that, as it incorporates sensors that, according to its creators, allow it to measure your calorie intake automatically - as well as hydration levels, hear rate, stress levels, and other body parameters. That will take care of things, getting rid of the "problem" part of the equation - the users themselves - and monitoring all the data automatically without user intervention (other than wearing it, that is.)

If you're interested, GoBe is available for $154 and is planned to be delivered by June.

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