Monday, March 10, 2014

Popcorn Time - Free streaming movies for all

Some of you may have friends that have elaborate media center setups that allow them to watch torrent and streaming internet movies. You probably think it's cool... but the mere thought of all the hassle in installing and configuring all the programs, plugins, etc. makes you think it's not something you should try at home. Well, now you can, as all it takes is a few clicks when using this Popcorn Time.

The Popcorn Time simply turns all the things advanced users currently do to stream bittorrent movies from the internet into something that is easily accessible for all. You can think of it as a free, and hassle-free, Netflix for all. Sure there are the copyright issues to deal with, as many (most?) of the content you'll be able to stream may not be legal in your country. The developers say they don't expect any issues with it, as they don't actually host any content - their program simply uses whatever it's available on the internet, gathering data from multiple services - movie info, posters, etc. - and presenting it all to the user. They also say they're not profiting form it, as the software is free (and open-source) and doesn't even include ads.

If you find it suspicious, you can even check it out on GitHub to make sure there's no hidden code doing some nasty stuff in your computer.

It's a pity studios and distributors don't redirect all the effort they waste pursuing IPs of alleged downloaders to providing a similar but legal service. Maybe some day they'll learn it's better to treat their customers as actual customers instead of criminals.

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