Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Apple is readying interchangeable lens system for the iPhone

More and more people are using their smartphone as main cameras. But smartphones have size constraints that limit them to small image sensors and - worse still - small lenses. Apple is working on a interchangeable lens system for the iPhone that might change all that in the no so distant future.

There have been after market lens attachments for smartphones, but they're almost always awkward to use. If Apple comes up with a integrated, easy to use, lens attachment system, that could be a turning point in the way we look at cameras... and smartphones as cameras.

While the system depends makes the lens ring protrude from the back, it might be interesting to notice that it would  go inline with what we've been seeing for the iPhone 6 design with the raised lens ring similar to what we have in the ultraslim iPod touch. I imagine that attachment ring could even be spring loaded and stay closer to the case until you actually attach a lens.

It would be a nice way to appeal to all those that wish to do more serious photographs/video with their smartphones, but without carrying an extra camera - nor having to deal with the issues of a "non-smart" camera (with your smartphone you can easily edit photos and video, share it with friends, etc.)

All that we need to figure out if this will become a "useless" feature that people might have and never use... or if it may be the beginning of a new era where smartphones intend to battle the bigger DSLRs just as they did the compact cameras.

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