Monday, April 28, 2014

ETs unearthed in New Mexico

Do not check your broswer URL bar to see if your favorite site has been hijacked and turned into a conspiracy theory site. Though it may not seem like it, this actually puts an end to one of the biggest urban legends in gaming history: that Atari had buried millions of ET games for the Atari 2600 in New Mexico.

As part of a "treasure hunt" for a  Xbox Entertainment Studios documentary that will be distributed exclusively on the Xbox One, a crew was sent to the alleged dump site and began to dig, hoping to find out the truth. And the truth is that New Mexico's ET's are actually real - though not of the kind you'd expect to find "next-door", in Roswell.

It's a bit weird imagining that, with games becoming digital downloads only, one may save on "dump space" and no longer require a landfill to get rid of one of the biggest flops (and worst game) in the history of videogames... but that means there won't actually be any physical trace of such history. Sure, we still have physical game discs, but those are bound to become the exception to the rule of digital downloads - and when that happens, we'll have to face the fact that there will be no tangible evidence for future generations to dig for (though they'll certainly have no shortage of other kinds of garbage to sift through...)

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