Thursday, April 10, 2014

Land Rover creates a Transparent Bonnet to ease your offroad adventures

If you ever off road, you'll certainly experienced the fear of not seeing what you might be heading into, such as when driving over steep inclines, where all you can see is the sky ahead. Wouldn't it be nice to have a transparent car which would allow you to see exactly what's beneath? Land Rover didn't crack a way to make transparent metal (yet) but it gives us a glimpse of the next best thing: a digital transparent bonnet via augmented reality.

Cameras in front of the vehicle capture the terrain, projecting it into a wide-screen panoramic HUD in your windshield, overlapping the bonnet with the terrain underneath the car, rendering it virtually transparent.

How far from reality this system is? Well, aside from the fact of the panoramic HUD spanning the width of the windshield (which you could technically do with a well placed HUD projector, or a couple of them), my main concern is that such a system would only be useful to the driver. In order to make it look good, the projection would need to take into consideration the drivers perspective; meaning, the passenger sitting next to him wouldn't have a very nice experience looking at it - it would look completely "off".

But, I guess some smart minds at Land Rover will be working at fixing those small issues, as the concept itself is great! :)

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