Wednesday, April 9, 2014

No work related emails after hours in France

Technology has simplified the way we communicate, but that's not always a good thing. Cell phones made us forget the times we were out of reach when we were away from a telephone; and email has made us forget if it's day or night, allowing us to keep deal with stuff around the clock. French workers however, don't feel it's fair... and if you're often swamped in work related emails even after your official work hours have long passed, you may want to consider relocating to France.

In France, companies are now forbidden to contact their employees after hours, and I can't even imagine how that will make lots of workers in other countries feel. Of course, I my (maybe naive) way of thinking, this should be something that would ideally be self-regulated, where companies wouldn't take unfair advantage of the ability to contact employees at any time of the day, and employees would understand that there may be special circumstances where that could be mutual beneficial (after all, a work relation should be mutual beneficial, right?)

But time and time again we witness these wishful "fair" behaviors quickly turn into abusive practices (from either side), and so... sometimes there's no other alternative but to set things straight, and keep the work and non-work life as separated as possible.

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