Tuesday, April 8, 2014

StoreDot promises to charge your smartphone in 30 seconds

One can't talk about mobile devices without complaining about batteries. We're used to seeing news regarding revolutionary battery technologies, but they come and go... and nothing truly revolutionary ever comes to the market. Now, an Israeli company called StoreDot promises to charge your future smartphone battery in just 30 seconds.

While we don't get a week-long smartphone battery, a fast charger that can fully charge your smartphone in under a minute can be the very next best thing. How often you notice your forgot to plug your charger just as you need to head out, and see its battery level in the red? Even if you're one of those people that has a mobile battery pack, chances are it will too be out of charge when you need it the most. Being able to fully charge those devices in less than a minute would truly be amazing, and might help ease the pain waiting for those "revolutionary" batteries.

StoreDot says this ultra fast charger technology would cost twice as much as a regular battery/charger, but that's a small price to pay - and I'm sure most will agree. The only bad part about it is that this miraculous charger is also years away from arriving to the stores. We can (hopefully) expect to see it by the end of 2016; and we'll still have to wait what battery experts will have to say regarding its effects on battery longevity.

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