Monday, April 7, 2014

Sensimat wheelchair pressure sensor mat

I'm increasingly weary of promoting Indiegogo's crowdfunding projects, but some projects popup that I can't stop but do so, believing they'll actually do something to improve peoples lives, like this Sensimat pressure pad sensor for wheelchairs. In a time where most people use sensors to track their daily movements, this Sensimat does precisely the opposite, tracking just how long someone has been standing still on a wheelchair.

Why is that important? You may not notice it, but our body is continuously shifting around whenever it feels that is has been putting too much pressure in the same spot, and that happens when you're sleeping, sitting, etc. But if you can't move, that pressure keeps adding up without you noticing it, causing seriously nasty wounds (and I do mean "nasty" - don't google for it, believe me!)

With the Sensimat, users can keep track of how long they've been sitting in the same position by simply placing a sensor mat underneath their wheelchair's cushion, and you can easily see it and be notified via smartphone.

If you hurry up you can still get one at half-price $299 CAD), and hope they will actually deliver it by June.

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