Thursday, April 24, 2014

You can now travel back in time in Google Street View

One can never stop but feel amazed by Google Maps' Street View, allowing you to travel the world wherever and whenever you want. But now we get to travel in yet another dimension inside Street View, and I'm not talking 3D... Street View has now 4D capabilities, meaning:  you can travel through time in Street View.

Google has a fleet of vehicles continuously roaming around and capturing new images and data about the streets and its surroundings, but until now we only got to see the latest updated information. Thankfully, Google has decided to let us glimpse into the past, and provide a way to go back in time to previous Street View imagery.

This means you can get to see Freedom Tower rising up in NY; the devastating effects of the 2011 tsunami in Japan; and even how Brazil is readying up to the world cup.

... This means Street View has become an even more interesting way to explore our world - and just imagine how kids today will be able to revisit their childhood places as they were, as they grow up. :)

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