Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Project Naptha allows you to edit text inside images on Chrome

If you ever spent minutes transcribing text on a image just because you wanted to send it as text on an email, or wished an amazing picture didn't have that annoying text over it, then you'll love this Project Naptha extension for Chrome.

Simply put, Project Naptha allows you to treat any text inside an image as editable text. Meaning you can easily copy-paste it to somewhere else, translate it - or even edit it or erase it! Just keep in mind that when you erase text that is overlapping an image, it will do its best to fill the missing parts... but it won't magically add details that were hidden behind the text.

Anyway, for internet meme artists wishing to quickly edit some saying over an image, people tired of opening up their image editor to translate titles and subtitles in graphs and diagrams, and lots others, this Project Naptha is simply a must-have extension that will make you love Chrome even more.

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