Tuesday, April 22, 2014

LG G Watch will have an "always on" screen

The smartwatch revolution is coming whether you want it or not, and one of the most appealing models is LG's G Watch with Android Wear. And now that it has an official site, we get to know that it will have something that might make it a lot more appealing than some of its competitors: an always on screen.

I find it kind of curious to see how people easily let go of "features" they had in older devices, even going to the point of justifying/excusing the shortcomings of newer devices. Most people today would be just fine with having a smarwatch that requires you to press a button to wake its screen to be able to see something as simple as what time it is - even though any cheap watch is constantly showing the time. Sure, screens use power and etc. etc. But instead of justifying and accommodating it, wouldn't it be better to tell manufacturers: "no, this is not ok, find a way to do it better"?

I believe so, and this G Watch seems to prove that this is possible, and that we should be more demanding about what they trey to push us.

I just don't understand why, with this always-on screen, LG has decided to use so many beauty shots of its G Watch with the screen... off.

Anyway, I admit that while I'm still quite interested in this G Watch, my interest has subsided a bit since Motorola showed us their upcoming Moto 360. In a single moment, "square" smartwatches became "old fashioned" (if we can say so). Even so, I do hope LG's G Watch to be successful, and show us that Android Wear can really make these devices more useful in our daily life.

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