Monday, April 21, 2014

Better than Siri expands Siri without jailbreak

Siri might be pretty useful (though is just a select few number of languages), but no one can deny it could/should do a lot more. Apple will eventually open up Siri, allowing developers to expand its capabilities, but until then we are forced to find ways to work around it. Most of the time that requires you to jailbreak your iPhone - which is a big no-no for most users - but today I bring you an ingenious way that allows you to add to Siri whatever commands you may want... without jailbreaking your iPhone. Meet Better than Siri's GoogolPlex.

How is done? It's quite clever. When you speak to Siri your commands are sent to Apple's servers for processing. BetterThanSiri works by specifying a proxy server that you set in your network configuration and intercepts those requests, allowing them to recognize and process lots other commands when you speak to Siri and begin your phrases with GoogolPlex or GoogolGenie.

Until Apple opens up Siri to developers, it's one way for you to have Siri turning on your lamps at home, unlock your car, and do practically whatever you may want... no jailbreak required. (Just keep in mind that by using a proxy, all your data is going through Better Than Siri's servers, with all the security implications it has... so, use at your own risk.)

[via Aberto até de Madrugada]

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