Thursday, May 8, 2014

Adobe Voice for iPad lets you easily creat presentation videos

It's not easy to grab people's attention. When you need to make a point, a nice animated video can do wonders and tell people all they need to know in a minute or so - and with the new Adobe Voice for iPad, Adobe wants to make it easier for anyone to create this kind of videos.

You've all seen it by now, from new products and services to crowdfunding campaigns, a presentation video is a must for all the cases where words or photos aren't enough. But now everyone has the required skills in video editing to create those effects and animations that make it interesting enough to grab our attention for the duration. With Adobe Voice, anyone can do it, using simple step by step directions with hints and recommendations along each step of the way.

To use Adobe Voice you'll need a Creative Cloud account, but it can be the "free version". After that, nothing stands in your way to make amazing presentation videos for your products, as well as to spice up things in anniversaries and even school work - if you need it. The only risk is that we'll soon see a flood of "Adobe Voice-styled" video in the internet, but experience tells me that it's not because a new tool makes a task easier that "less-good" content becomes better than the actual good content - just like having a powerful word processor in every computer doesn't worry the world's best writers. Sure, the tools are there and are nice to have... but they don't actually do much if you don't have a creative mind to begin with.

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