Wednesday, May 7, 2014

ARM says $20 smartphones are about to arrive

We all enjoy looking at the latest smartphones and tablets; but just like what happens with cars, it's not because we spend most time looking at Ferraris and Lamborghinis in magazine covers that will buy one next time we need to replace our car. It's the cheaper models that sell, and in the smart mobile devices segment, the entry and mid-range segments are about to double in the coming years while the premium range will see little to no growth.

That's why manufacturers are trying to get to this $2 billion dollar market as fast as they can, and that means making cheaper smartphones. And how low can it get? ARM says $20 Android smartphones are coming in the next few months!

It might sound crazy, but when you consider you had $60 phones last year, that dropped to about $30 today, and you have a $25 Firefox Phone (though at the expense of lower memory)... then the $20 mark doesn't seem so far-fetched. A $20 android smartphone will allow hundreds of millions to have easy access to information and apps, people that otherwise would be unable to afford a smartphone device, and contribute to a truly connected world.

Sure, a $20 smartphone won't compete with a $500 (or even a $100) model. But considering what you'll get for that amount, my guess is it will, at the very least, force us to think if those high-end expensive models are really worth their cost.

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