Thursday, May 29, 2014 compresses your photos by up to 90%

There aren't many thing that annoy me (ok, maybe there are) but one of them is visiting a website that uses obnoxiously large images for no reason whatsoever other than making you spend more time waiting and possibly using up your limited mobile data plan. Sure, one can understand a full screen image to use up a few MB, but when you see small thumbnails that are actually ultra-large images weighing several MB, instead of just a few KB... they should be forced to use for the rest of their life! is a free web service that allows you to reduce an image file size up to 90% with no apparent loss of quality (or even no loss at all, if you choose the lossless method - although with reduced file size savings.) Of course, you should know when to use each kind of image format, and not try to use compressed jpgs for diagrams or screen captured text (which will become blurry), but for photos and such, the savings are amazing.

A small image I tested it with used up 270KB in PNG format, went down to 84KB when converted to JPG using MS Paint; but got squished to half of that by, ending with just 43KB (16% of the original size). Besides lazy webmasters, this tool will also be highly valuable if you want to send some photos by email. No need to gobble up a few dozen MBs when you can do with just a few hundred KB.

So, not having a suitable image editing program is no longer an excuse: just fire up your browser and let reduce your image file size to more manageable levels.


  1. I used to find MS Paint not being able to save files in an effective way.
    Can you compare it, using to save your image? (

    1. Yes, MS Paint is definitely not the most efficient one, but it was precisely because of that I used it. More advanced image editing programs allow you to tweak the compression level of the resulting jpeg file (having mostly the same effect as using this online tool).


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