Friday, May 30, 2014

Leap Motion v2 gets much improved finger tracking

The small Leap Motion 3D sensor made us imagine working with our computers by simply moving and waving our hands and fingers in the air. Unfortunately it has yet to gain the necessary traction and volume to turn this technology as common as a regular keyboard. But maybe now people and developers will give it a new chance, thanks to the (even more) amazing capabilities of v2 tracking software.

While the Leap Motion was always able to pinpoint our fingers positions with incredible accuracy and lot latency, now it is even better. Now it can actually track every joint in every finger, even when some fingers are partially obscured from view, for a total of 27 dimensions for each hand! Besides it is now faster, and more robust in difficult lighting conditions (such as outdoors and when you have IR emitting lights). There are also new APIs that allow developers to use simpler "pre-made" gestures, like pinch.

Check their demo video... and see it in action for yourself.

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