Thursday, May 15, 2014

Foursquare Swarm is out

Foursquare has left most (all?) of its users surprised when they announced the Foursquare app would no longer have check-ins, becoming a discovery and recommendation app, and that there would be a new app to provide the check-in experience called Swarm. Well, Swarm is now available, for iOS and Android... but it might not be exactly what you hoped for.

The new Swarm app has several nice new features, like allowing you to search all the places you've checked-in, and easily make plans with friends, suggesting something and finding out who's interested or not. But unfortunately, it loses one of the things that might have been a key part in making Foursquare what is is today: the badges and leaderboards.

The Swarm app has none of those, meaning it will be a lot less "rewarding" using it to keep using it as they were used to. I think it's a big mistake doing such drastic changes: not only foursquare users will have to get used to a new app; they won't be able to do the same things and keep up the "competition" that drove many of them to the app in the first place. To know where your friends are and make plans, you can use Facebook, Google+ or many other apps you may already be using today - lessening the need for a new app for that single purpose.

Well find out soon enough if this Swarm app is capable of attracting the previous Foursquare users.

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