Wednesday, May 14, 2014

iMessage Hell - going from iOS to Android

If you have an iPhone, you certainly appreciate the simplicity of the iMessage system. Instead of having to deal with multiple apps depending on which person you want to chat with, via traditional SMS or iMessages, Apple uses a single, unified,system. Your iPhone automatically detects if the other person has an iOS device, and if so, it changes the green SMS indicator to a blue iMessage one. Simple enough, no fuss about it.

The problem arises when you decide to switch from an iPhone to another device. The iMessage system thinks you still use iMessage, resulting in messages sent by your friends with iPhones to go via iMessage instead of regular SMS. For them it shows the message has being delivered, for you... you'll never see it or even know about it. (Some friends that have switched from iPhone to Android says that eventually, the system notices it and begins sending SMS... but it can take days.)

I don't think there's an easy way to "fix" this. Even worse is if you consider a user that frequently changes devices, using both an iPhone and a different smartphone, and regularly swapping the SIM card. Making it highly likely he won't receive SMS from friends with iPhones. In any case, if/when you're about to say goodbye to your iPhone and replace it with an Android device (or other), maybe it's better for you to turn off the iMessage service before doing so.

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