Tuesday, May 13, 2014

iOS8 to have side-by-side multitasking apps?

iOS might have been the precursor of the current mobile generation, but ever since it's inception it has been criticized for lacking features we could find in other platforms. We all like simple things... but invariably we come across things that make us want more and more. Just you try and copy-paste a few dozen fields of data from an email to an app, or between two apps, and you'll see just how ineffective iOS full-screen apps are. Thankfully, it seems Apple is working on it.

According to rumors iOS8 will have side-by-side multitasking apps, mimicking what you can do on Windows devices and some Androids as well (though in Android you can also have floating apps you can freely move around at will).

Sure, just because it's there it doesn't mean you have to use it: but it sure is nice to have it should you someday have to do something like that "copy-past" thing between two apps, and know that you can do it in just a few seconds without having to fiddle back and forth with multi-finger app switching (or even worse, double clicking the home button). The most important thing - I think - is to make these features available in a way that people will know how to use them without feeling completely lost; nor having to "read the manual". If that's the case... then will soon have tablets that instead of being the "simple computers" unlike the ones we had in our desks, will be just like the scary computers of the old days no one dared to touch.

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