Monday, May 12, 2014

LG G Watch teases us a bit more in new video

Although the Moto 360 has "spoiled" us with its square-breaking-design, LG's G Watch is still a curious smartwatch we want to try out as soon as possible, not to mention it will be one of the first Android Wear devices on the market.

This news video doesn't reveal any new technical information, but it focus on it's timeless design, its waterproof all weather operation (will be interesting to see how the touchscreen behaves when wet), long battery life (mostly due to its low-power always-on screen), and Android compatibility (iOS seems to be left out - which isn't a surprise considering the deep integration Android Wear will have with the Android platform).

I just hope LG has included Qi wireless charging, as the pins we see in the back seem to indicate the G Watch will require a proprietary charging cradle, which is a bit annoying. But if it had wireless charging, I suspect LG would have stated it by now as being a big plus.

... Guess we'll find out soon enough, as the G Watch is expected to reach the stores in June.

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