Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ubisoft turns Watch Dogs into real-life prank

If you ever watched the TV series "Person of Interest" you'll be right at home if you ever come to play Ubisoft's upcoming Watch Dogs (available just a few days from now) - and where our character has the ability to tap into all the electronic devices and control them at will. Sure, it's only a game.... but what if you were placed in a situation where such things became real?

That's precisely what Ubisoft did, creating one of the most amazing hidden camera pranks you'll ever see. Everything starts with unsuspecting customers visiting a cell phone store to fix some small issues with their smartphones. But the guy in charge offers them a new app for free... A app that, to their surprise, allows them to control their store lights. But things become to get really weird when he says it also works for light on the outside; as well as cars; ATM machines; and even traffic lights. Before they know it, things begin happening too fast for them to realize what they're getting into.

I must admit, with such a hollywood-style production, I guess everyone would fall for it (though they also didn't give us enough time to really grasp what was going on.) Be sure to give it a look and see for yourself.

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