Monday, May 26, 2014

World Cup 2014 will begin with a mind-controlled exoskeleton kick off

Just this weekend we saw the amazing advances in bionic prosthetics that allow paralyzed and amputated people to use robotic assistance to move just like any regular person would. And now millions others will see it in the World Cup 2014 kick off in Brazil.

The Walking Again project is working to make possible for the World Cup kick off to be done by a paralyzed teen using a mind-controlled exoskeleton. The youngster will not only leave her wheelchair behind and give a few steps, but will kick off the ball as well - all done via mind control, thanks to a custom made helmet that will allow the system to capture the signals from her brain.

Maybe a few more years from now, such exoskeletons will not only allow for someone to kick off the ball, but to play a soccer game as well, and make it really hard for regular human player to keep up with the extra power and endurance of these robotic systems.

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