Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Get an HD dash cam for $18

We've all seen the accidents and strange things Russian drivers witness on their roads, but the truth is... weird things happen everywhere in the world. The difference is that there are far more Russian drivers using dash cameras in their vehicles than in other countries in the world... and today I'm helping you fix this, with an absurdly cheap HD dash camera for your car.
This F198HD dash camera usually costs $22, but for the following couple of days it can be yours for just $18 - yes, you're reading that right: $18 for an HD (1280x960) camera, with an 2.5" LCD screen and night vision IR LEDs. Sure, we won't expect it to be the highest quality camera in the world... but for $18??? That's probably cheaper than some power adapters you've bought before!

This reduced price is due to a temporary special DX Deal, that allows you to save $4 on its regular $22 list price; but even if you fail to grab it for $18, it's not as if $22 would be a bad deal for it anyway.

So... there are no more excuses for you to show the world the things you witness on the road each day are actually far weirder than anyone else's - and I'm talking from personal experience. Not a single day goes by without watching some unbelievable dumb thing happening right before my very own eyes. So, yes, I've ordered on of these cameras as well... and soon I'll be adding my own videos to those street video compilations we all so much love to see.

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