Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Findster GPS tracking with no monthly fees

The crowdfunding sites have allowed many independent projects to become a reality, backed by the prople that truly believe they're worth it. Like many others, Portuguese people have been coming forward with their ideas, and today I bring you a new project that wants to let you know where your kids and pets are at all times... without any monthly fees: Findster.

We all know you can easily find out where your friends are, using a regular - cheap - smartphone and one of any number of location apps. But can you imagine hanging a smartphone on a pet, or in a 2y old child? Besides, for those to work you'd need to have multiple data plans, one for each device (or a plan allowing you to shared data across those devices). Findster wants to do the same, but with no extra monthly fees.

The system is similar to the one used by bluetooth location trackers, but goes a step further. It uses small location modules, that can tell their position to a master module or base station (that is used for charging as well). The inter-module communication range is up to 1Km (0.62 miles), and twice that for the base station.

Should anyone get out of range, you'll get an alert - as well as if any of the trackers leaves a geofenced area you define. One interesting tidbit is that if the modules happens to wander by other base station or master modules, it will report back its location to the respective "owner" (though, for it to become effective, you'd have to have quite a number of modules/bases out there).

There are location modules for kids and pets, and you can even get a "pet report" to know if they've been spending their days running around or sleeping - and in need for a walk. You can also get alerts if a child (or elderly) falls.

Prices start at $89 for a starter kit with a base/charging station, master module and pet GPS module.

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