Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Moto 360 about to become a "huge" disappointment?

The Moto 360 has made us forget about all other smarwatches since it first appeared; and the fear that it would cost a small fortune seems to have been put to rest by the $249 valuation Motorola has given in its own contest. So, everything's in place for the Moto 360 to become a huge success, right? Well... there's one "small" issue that might ruin it all.

I though it would be impossible for Moto 360 to be a flop. One had to imagine extreme things like Android Wear being a complete mess (unlikey), or that its battery life wouldn't be enough for even a single day of regular use (also unlikely). But there seems to be something that went unnoticed until now... and that may ruin it all in one simple and single instant: its size.

We all imagined Moto 360 to be identical to a classic regular watch - at least, I did, and I think most others did as well - and that was an integral part of what made us all fall in love with it. But some new photos showing the Moto 360 worn by some Android Wear developers show us a completely different beast:

Yes, the very much likeable  Moto 360 seems to be a huge beast literally!

Now, it may happen that this developer has an extremely thin wrist; or that this prototype device is larger than the final version (though unlikely); but I think it's safe to assume that the final version will be as large sa the device we seen in the photo.

For me, that size alone would be enough for making me put this "must have" device in the "no way I'll be wearing this" category; and that would leave me extremely disappointed - even though I understand that a touch device must have a large enough screen to be "usable" (though devices like the Omate Truesmart showed us that it can be done with far smaller screen sizes than this).

What about you? How do you feel about Moto 360 being a giant smartwatch? Does this make you reconsider it, or does it make no difference at all?

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