Thursday, June 5, 2014

Intel says goodbye to cables in 2016

Most people won't imagine going back to the days where getting "connected" meant plugging in a network cable. Our mobile devices made wireless access something we simply take for granted, and Intel is working to make our future truly cable free in the upcoming years: and that means cutting the power cable as well.

Wireless charging isn't exactly new - many of us already use low-cost wireless chargers on a daily basis - but we must agree there's still a lot to be done; particularly the need for a single and universal wireless charging standard that avoids what we have today, where multiple incompatible systems fight for supremacy, making us have to "wait" to see who will win.

Intel is already showing it's next-gen platform - Skylake - which will say its final goodbye to cables. Computers using this platform will use WiGig for high-bandwidth short-range communications (up to 7Gbps) ditching the need for docks and cables for Ultra HD streaming or large file transfers; and use Rezence for wireless charging. This magnetic resonance system was shown hidden beneath a wooden table, allowing you to charge your laptop simply by placing it there, and allowing simultaneous charging of multiple devices (up to 50W, for now) - something that current induction wireless chargers don't allow. And this works even with several inches of wood.

So... don't grow to attached to your video and power cables. If all goes according to (Intel's) plan, you might not need it a couple of years from now. Skylake will begin sampling late next year, and is due to arrive to market in 2016.

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