Friday, June 6, 2014

Safari in iOS8 uses camera to scan your credit card info

There are lots of less known details about iOS8 that are now being found by developers, and one of those will be extremely helpful to all those that are tired of entering their credit card info in every online transaction they make. With iOS8, Safari is able to use the camera to scan your credit card.

It doesn't take a genius to know that online shoppers are extremely volatile. Any slight bump in the ordering or payment process and they're off to another site. Although there are lots of ways to deal with online payments (like PayPal and the like) that save you the trouble of manually entering your credit card information every single time you want to buy something; there are times where you can't avoid it: maybe that online shop only takes credit cards; maybe you want to use a virtual credit card you can dispose after each use; etc.

With iOS8, whenever a site asks for your credit card info, you'll be able to use the camera to scan your card saving you the trouble of manually entering that tiresome information over and over again. Considering there are already a few bank apps that are capable of scanning payment info in order to do similar things, I imagine Apple system will be robust enough to do it accurately... most of the time.

My question is how this system will scan those more "artistic" credit cards with weird patterns or even photos - but I imagine Apple took all those weird possibilities into consideration, right? Anyway, we'll know soon enough as developers put all these new features to the test (and in a few months time, so will everyone else).

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