Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Internet in Real-Time

Have you ever wondered just how many things are done on the internet each and every second? If you haven't this Internet in Real-Time page will give you a glimpse into the astronomical figures that might prompt us to switch off for a while, and go outside and take a deep breath.

Every minute you get over 120 new hours of video uploaded to YouTube, over 3 million new Facebook posts and likes, over 100,000 app downloads, nearly 1.4 million minutes of Skype calls, over 13 million messages sent via WhatsApp, over 200 million emails sent, more than 23 thousand hours watched on Netflix, 61 thousand hours of music streaming on Pandora, and lots, lots more.

We're not on Wordpress, but I guess we can consider this post to be one of the few thousand new blog posts that also pop up on the internet each and every minute. :)

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