Monday, June 9, 2014

Apple's iWatch to arrive in October?

Apple's WWDC14 has come and gone with no sign of the rumored iWatch device, but now some new info points out that we might yet see it this year, arriving in October.

This prediction is based on iOS8's new Heatlhbook feature that hopes to become the centerplace for all our fitness activity as well a log for our health data - and all the acquisitions Apple has been doing over the past months, with companies and individuals working in the biometric and wearable areas. The iWatch seems inevitable, though at this time my question is: will it actually be a "smartwatch-like" device, or something more akin to a "fitbit" tracker/sensor with no actual screen, acting more like a dumb sensor (although capable of tracking much more parameters than current trackers - like continuous heartrate monitoring, blood glucose levels, etc.) and leaving the smarts for the iPhone itself.

We'll probably only find out in October, if this date proves to be truthful, but considering we'll have the Moto 360 and other Android Wear smartwatches by then, it would be kind of "funny" for Apple to sidestep them all by going the "dumb sensor" router instead of a full-fledged iWatch like most are imagining it.

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